Do-It-Yourself Program

The DIY program we offer saves you even more money by following our step by step instructions on how to install your our doors and drawers yourself for those of you that have that handyman hidden inside you. With this option, all you will need to do is send us the measurements of all your door and drawers fronts and whatever additions and accessories you may need such as hinge holes and pilot holes drilled in the doors, color matching vinyl sheet with 3M peel and stick and any additional hardware like the soft close hinges or new handles you wish to purchase and we will put together the quote for you. Along with your order we will include a step by step instructional guide on the proper technique to install your new doors and drawer fronts yourself. Our phone lines are always open should you have any questions during the install.

Steps to ordering doors:

  1. Choose your door style and color from our door options page.
  2. Measure all your door and drawer fronts using imperial (inches), record these and  keep the doors and drawers measurements separate when emailing this information to us.
  3. Measure the hinge holes from the top and bottom of the door and record that measurement. If you are wanting to use our soft close Blum hinges, you will want to offset that measurement by at least a 1/4″ so that you don’t screw into the old holes. Let us know if you need the pilot screw holes drilled also.
  4. Be sure to indicate which doors do not need drilling eg. Lazy Susan doors that you will use a piano hinge on.
  5. Decide if you need any extra materials such as color matching vinyl, our hinges or new handles from our selection and include this in with your email.
  6. Next you will need to email us our this information to and we will get you a quote within 24 hours.
  7. Upon agreeing to purchase the material, we will inform you of the completion date (usually 2 weeks) and deliver your order to your front door.
  8. With your material, you will also receive an instruction manual to help guide you through the installation process and if you have any questions during the process, our phone lines are open to assist you.
  9. Don’t forget to let us know if you need color matched peel & stick vinyl sheets or hinges and handles to add to the door order.