Kitchens Cabinets…Reface vs Replace? Which is better for you?

Many people want a new kitchen but can’t afford the hefty costs associated with a complete tear out and replacement. Fortunately there are alternative solutions to explore. Refacing the kitchens and bathroom cabinets is one of them. More and more people are turning to this cost effective way to renovate their outdated kitchens. There are many benefits to the refacing program. First, of course, is the cost savings. Typically an owner can save anywhere between 40-60% off the price tag of a new kitchen. Next is the hidden savings that most people don’t think about…plumbers, electricians and carpenters that may be needed for a new kitchen. And with refacing, the customer won’t have to worry about replacing the countertop as well which can be a life saver if you have an expensive Granite or Quartz countertop that may be damaged in a replacement scenario. And finally is the downtime of your kitchen. When you replace, you may be out of a kitchen for weeks, while refacing is usually 1-4 days depending on the size and complexity of the install itself. And the end results…? Our customers love their new refaced kitchens more because of the hassle-free service and the money they saved to get exactly what they would have gotten with a new kitchen anyways!